The Kiki Fund

The Bodies on the Line Kiki Fund is a collective, non-profit, memorial scholarship. We are seeking support to make this inaugural award an annual one. We are actively soliciting donations and welcome the public's engagement in our project.

Help Us Remember: We are also inviting the broad HIV community and public to help us remember and identify journalists who died of AIDS or other causes and made a significant contribution to coverage of the epidemic.

Please see the In Memoriam Names list for our current list of over 200 journalists. Please contact our project to share any additional names or information you may have about journalists who died on the front lines of AIDS.


Be an angel, won't you darling?

Support this inaugural legacy scholarship with a tax-exempt donation.


Pledge Amounts:

  • Snap: $25

  • Glitter: $50

  • Glam: $100

  • Dorothy: $250

  • Vogue: $500

  • Fabulous: $1000

  • Divine $5000

  • Over the Rainbow: $10,000

  • Any other amount...


Make check payable to NLGJA and put “Kiki Fund” in the memo line. 

Mail check to:


Attn: Adam Pawlus

2120 L Street, NW, Suite 850

Washington, DC  20037

All donations are tax-exempt.